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SustainLab: The new face of Sustainability Intelligence

We often talk about Sustainability best practices and industry insights. With this week’s blog post, now it is time to present our own contribution to solving sustainability challenges.

What does SustainLab do?

Our methodology and approach starts from finding the most pressing challenges to solve to accelerate change for increased sustainability. According to our market research, out of 80 sustainability professionals, 90% confirmed that data collection and processing is one of their top pain points. There are two main problems to this:

  1. A human intensive process: Professionals working on sustainability have varying knowledge degrees, In addition to that, human-to-human interaction enables errors that can drift the company progress away from its potential effectiveness.
  2. Complex data collection: Sustainability Data can come from many different sources that needs different types of processing to become meaningful insights for the company. This takes a lot of time and resources to collect and compile data, and the quality is often questionable.

These Problems lead to:

  • Infrequent Updates
  • Low Quality Data
  • And in the end: a weak Sustainability Agenda

These problems, caused by non-automated data handling, hinders the sustainability transition.

This is where SustainLab comes in. SustainLab is a Sustainability Intelligence Company that creates next generation technology to help businesses gather, process, and understand their sustainability data. The result is high-quality dashboards, benchmarks to standards and peers, and the ability to track sustainability targets.

With our unique product, we support decision-makers with accurate, real-time and understandable decision material by eliminating the manual struggle to understand companies’ sustainability performance. We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to minimize the need for human input and to guide companies according to best practices.

We make data handling so simple that companies can have visibility of sustainability data as often as financial data and review it in every management team meeting, instead of reviewing the performance once yearly.

With our platform, we enable businesses to:

  • Save Resources
  • Increase Quality
  • Accelerate Impact

On the road to a more sustainable future:

  1. Sustainability transparency according to best practices and international standards
  2. Quality data intelligence platform supporting accelerated change
  3. Putting forward innovation and focus on impact

This is what the world needs.

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Our priority is to solve the frustrations of our customers - to build solutions that matter most to them and their businesses. Our product significantly reduces the amnout of manual work and cost for sutainability reports while it increases the frequency and quality of sustainability disclosure.