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2020 - What a year!

That 2020 is a special year in many ways is not an exaggeration. The pandemic aside, 2020 has been a very special year for us at SustainLab. We’re celebrating not only that SustainLab was born, but also because of the many milestones we achieved within just ten months from that first idea being discussed between Kamal and Maria.

As we are closing 2020, we look forward to the next step of our journey: to launch the first version of the end-to-end product in the first quarter 2021!



But let’s look back for a moment. Here are some top highlights we are proud to mention from 2020:

  1. We developed our SaaS platform for automating sustainability data collection and processing from scratch, being able to deliver the parts to set up a project, collect data and view the results in the dashboard to our customers.
  2. We have worked with five pilot customers and valued every step of the way - modelling the data, getting their feedback, tweaking our plans and making sure we end up with a great product!
  3. We have been part of Antler’s start up generator program and are now part of KTH Innovation, enjoying great support and advice.
  4. We have recruited a dedicated team of interns, some that have worked with us for more than 6 months, to help build the product.
  5. We have talked to over 1000 people and counting to get help, advice or pitch our product and company. THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed so far!
  6. CEO and co-founder Maria Svantemark was finalists for Women-Led Startup of the Year in Women Tech Global Awards 2020.
  7. CEO and co-founder Maria Svantemark was featured on Fairforce’s global list of “Top 100 Green Data Driven Professionals” who have made a significant impact on sustainability in their industry.
  8. Nominated in Nordic Startup Awards in the categories "Best Newcomer" and "Startup of the Year".
  9. Startup Pill featured SustainLab on their global list of startups innovating the sustainability market worth to follow.

We are closing this year on a high note! We have many more milestones to achieve next year, and we are looking forward to expanding more. We are here to accelerate change for Better business - better planet, and never has the need been greater.

Thank you to everyone who talked to us, challenged us, given us feedback, dedicated time to listening to us, and worked with us!


There is nothing more for us to do than wishing you all a Happy holiday season, a Merry Christmas, and a better New Year!

    - Maria, Kamal and the whole SustainLab team

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Our priority is to solve the frustrations of our customers - to build solutions that matter most to them and their businesses. Our product significantly reduces the amnout of manual work and cost for sutainability reports while it increases the frequency and quality of sustainability disclosure.