About Us

SustainLab is a startup founded by professionals in corporate sustainability and computer science. Our mission is to build a better world by leveraging the combined powers of knowledge, data, and sustainability.

Our story

Businesses have a key role in the transformation to a more sustainable society. We founded SustainLab based on the belief that more data driven decisions will lead to better outcomes - for businesses and for the world. It is time to take sustainability work into the 2020s. That is what we do with SustainLab by combining state-of-the-art computer intelligence with the many proven advantages that come from a powerful sustainability agenda. This is what leads to the double benefit of SustainLab: Better business - Better planet.

Why choose SustainLab?

  • We relieve you from tedious admin work
  • We empower you to make sustainable and profitable data-driven decisions
  • We enable you to focus on actionable outcomes
  • We ease reporting by gamification and behavioral science

Meet our team


Maria Svantemark

CEO & Co-Founder Corporate Sustainability Expert

Kamal Hakimzadeh

CTO & Co-Founder Ph.D. in Computer Science

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Our priority is to solve the frustrations of our customers - to build solutions that matter most to them and their businesses. Our development process is a win-win project for us and our early customers: we advance our platform and our customers enjoy the right solution without any upfront investment.